Message / Philosophy

Message from the President

Yukio Kawasaki
President & CEO


Since its foundation in 2001, Kenes(KANDEN ENERGY SOLUTION CO.,INC.)has strived to ensure that our customers are able to use energy under optimal conditions based on our management philosophy of "To exert our outstanding technological strength in order to contribute to the well-being of our customers and the development of a sustainable society through the total energy service business"
The changes we are experiencing in the social environment in recent years are enormous and include such factors as a shrinking labor force and lack of engineers and technicians brought about by the rapid aging population, an increased awareness over being prepared for natural disasters, transformation of values from "owing" to "using" products as well as others. In addition, we are also entering a period of transition in energy-related policies amid a strengthening of movement across to realizing sustainable development goals (SDGs) and other means for attaining a sustainable society, with the government announcing a target of zero greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050, etc.
We also believe that there will be even further diverse changes and the manifestation of issues connected to this in the future, which we see as an opportunity to provide new solutions that will be useful for our customers and society at large.
Taking on all tasks by us which of installation, operation and maintenance of equipment centered around energy-related facilities including electrical power equipment, air-conditioning, sanitation and communications, and creating optimal conditions for customers.
Aiming to develop and provide "utilities as a service" that are available for use by customers when required.
By making the best use of our extensive knowhow for the construction and operation of renewable energy plants and the electric power supply business, we will also continue to actively forge ahead to ensure energy-saving and provide support for conversion to new forms of energy.
The entire company will come together as one to continue with our mission of predicting social trends and lending an ear to customer requirements in order to create new levels of value for our customers in our role of "best energy partner".
We look forward to your continued support and cooperation.

Management Philosophy

To exert our outstanding technological strength
In order to contribute to the well-being of our customers
and the development of a sustainable society,
through the total energy service business.